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Last Modified:  18 November, 2017

The Regimental Secretary

Dear Association Members,

To receive your newsletters by e mail, will be much appreciated and will save the Association a lot of hard earned funds!!

For those of you who were not members of my e mail list before taking advantage of this please see below a copy of the original e mail list I sent out some time ago. It will enable you to get even more info from HHQ,

I would like to sort you all out into lists so I can get relevant information out to you by this system. I will send out general messages to everyone but when it comes to Death Notices etc I am sure you will not want your computer clogged up with information that is not really of interest to you. We have the following 'contact lists'.

List 1. 3rd Hussars

List 2. 7th Hussars

List 3. Queens Own Hussars. ( inc LAD )

List 4. 3rd, 7th, and QOH. ( inc LAD )

List 5. 4th Hussars

List 6. 8th Hussars

List 7. Queens Royal Irish Hussars ( inc LAD )

List 8. 4th, 8th, and QRIH. ( inc LAD )

List 9. Queens Royal Hussars ( inc LAD )

List 10. All news

List 11 Troop Secretaries

List 12 Trustees.

List 13 All deaths

List 17 E Newsletters

Please remember if you do change your e mail address to let me know.


With best regards and thanks,

Jim Austin  Contact 

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Chris Woodward: Bam Bam!  I just wanted to post my sadness in the death of one of the Queens Owns best officers!

He was my troop leader in BATUS 1979. All the troop loved him because we could relate and communicate with him, I guess that was his downfall as an officer, he was too popular amongst his men. I would like to share a scenario with you all at a rifle range, somewhere near Soltau. We were required to test our smgs on live firing. He grabbed his, told us how crap they were, loaded it up, flicked off the safety catch and bounced the butt on the ground and held it as rounds flew out the barrel up to the stars. He then ordered us to load up, full automatic and fill the targets and sandbank! This German range guy turned up in a terrible state and asked us what we were doing! In a huge cloud of sand dust He just palmed him off and said, I dont believe I have to explain anything to you!
Goodnight and God Bless Bam Bam, One of the best!

Chris (Woody) Woodward

Contact   28/10/2017


Annemarie Timmins: I know this is a bit of a long shot but my Grandad, is my absolute hero and would do anything for anyone and I would never have got where I am today without the support of my grandparents. My Grandad turns 82 this year and often talks of the time that he served in Germany.

His name is Colin Frank Timmins from Leicester (born and lived in Leicester his whole life) I've made it my mission to see if anyone has any relatives that may have served at the same time as him and has any pictures, stories or information that they would like to share.

I would absolutely love this to be shared as far and wide as possible as he talks of his friends (from his regiment) living all over the U.K. The information that I have been told is that he served In Iserlohn, Germany from 1954 until 1957. He was part of the 3rd Kings Own Hussars regiment. They were based working with the race horses and spent some time also in Hanover, Germany.

A really good friend he often talks about is a man called Keith Barton (also known as Dick Barton) Keith can be seen to the left of picture with my Grandad.

Keith is believed to have been from Blackpool or Harrogate (not 100% sure) A few other names that my Grandad mentioned from his Regiment were:

Colonel Wall
Captain Brown - stable officer
Captain Anthony Triton
Corporal John Delaney
Arthur George Paige - Trooper.

As Ive already said I know this is a long shot and my Grandad doesn't know I've done this but I know that if I did find anything out it would make him the happiest man ever!

So could I just ask everyone to read this and see where it leads too, I'd really appreciate it as I know my Grandad would too!

Thank you very much!

Annemarie Timmins

Contact   19/04/2017


Barry Coddington: Considering this was in East Yorks there was a good turn out of Regimental ties! Band Sergeant Major George Veysey had a good send off.The Service started with the Regt. Slow March. Ray Young paid Tribute from the Band.The Regimental Collect was read out. The Last Post was beautifully played by Steve Croney followed by Reveille The Music was operated by Bob Biddle and done with great aplomb. Then we filed out to the Regimental March.

A good service For a Queens Own Hussars Bandsman.

Contact   20/03/2017



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