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Notices 2015

The Queen's Own Hussars

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Last Modified:  01 January 2016

Barry 'Codders' Coddington:  Met the daughter of Harry Haddon, ex 3rd Hussars who knew nothing about the Regiment, does anyone any knowledge about this soldier that I can pass on to her?

Contact   14/09/2015


Alan McTaggart:  I am trying to find how I can contact Pete Hill ex- Regimental Band. I believe he has his own musical instrument repair business . I am ex 14th/20th King`s Hussars band, and could use his expertise.

Contact   05/06/2015


Andrew Milton:  Hi all, Congratulations on what was achieved for Bill Stabler which really high lights what a family Regiment we are and continue to be. Although I'm not an expert on funding/charity for Veterans I thought it may be worthwhile mentioning about the options and procedures available to those veterans who have met hard times . As you are aware while serving we always donated a days pay which goes to a fund to help Ex Regiment in difficult times. In order to get this funding you have to first get a case worker through the likes of RBL and SAAFA. This case worker can then apply for financial assistance.  Obviously we were against time with Bill Stabler as we needed to get him his medals back but to prevent old mates from self funding in the future, please can we spread the word especially to those currently facing similar problems/financial difficulties.

We all served our time and we are owed what is available if the circumstances warrant it.

Kind Regards

Contact   18/05/2015


Andrew Faulconbridge:   

Hi, My father Ralph Bernard Collins served in the QOH.  I was wondering if you would know how I could obtain more information about his accident which left him in a wheel chair before his death in 1980.

Kind Regards

Contact   28/04/2015


Gary Hill:   

I am trying to find out which cemetery Monty Moreton was buried in, I believe Nuneaton,  can you please circulate a request for info.

Cheers Garry Hill

Contact   23/01/2015


Gerry Ward:    Hello one and all! I am offering a weekend in Cornwall 6th to 8th March for a relaxing time and chance to meet up with old comrades at reasonable mates rates. I also would like to run a horse racing night on the Saturday to allow us to raise some funds for the Regimental Association to use to up keep the graves of our VC hero's.

I attach the PDF about the weekend  (use the download button below)  and would appreciate you forwarding amongst your troop members. I currently only have one gent and his good lady Barry and Connie Froment booked in, ideally i would need to have a minimum of 10 people in order to open the hotel up. Therefore i am very grateful for your assistance in advance in this matter, it would be good to have the weekend as a regular annual meet up for QOH/QRIH/QRH ex comrades. Cornwall in early spring is very special and this offers you a chance to savour those delights before the madding crowds arrive.

Your help in promoting this weekend for 6th - 8th March is greatly appreciated.

Yours Aye, Gerry 

Contact   20/01/2015                                Download


Derek Coombes:   

Hi All ,  Just in case I have missed any one out my new e-mail address is as per the contact button below.

Thanks , Regards to all you old Hussars
Derek Coombes

Contact   11/01/2015


Robert Soar:    My Ferret was in QOH - does anyone know it?

I have had a Mk2 Daimler Ferret for 10 years. It had the army registration of 38 BA 15 and it was in Cyprus with B Squadron QOH during their UN tour in the later half of 1969.

I get great pleasure from meeting people who have memories of driving, commanding or servicing Ferrets during their their army careers but have yet to find anyone from QOH who served in Cyprus in 1969.

Could your website help?

Best regards,

Robert Soar

Chair, Solent Overlord Executive Military Collectors Club

Contact   05/01/2015



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