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The Queen's Own Hussars

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Last Modified:   01 February, 2017

This page contains pictures of interest that have not been given a place on the main site.

Pictures on this page are not thumb nailed, hold a mouse pointer over the picture for a description (where present).

3rd Light Dragoons 1845    3rd Light Dragoons 1845     7th Hussars Officer 1815     7th Hussars 1815

7th hussars 1760    3rd - king's own - hussars when the king's own regiment of dragoons 1742     the queen consort's own regiment of dragoons - now the 3rd king's own hussars circa 1700     3rd kings own dragoons 1751   


Corporal Joshua Naylor, 3rd (The King's Own) Light Dragoons 1832       Regimental Sergeant-Major William Franklin, 7th (The Queen's Own) Hussars 1832       Sergeant William Boast, 3rd (The King's Own) Light Dragoons 1832


7th Hussars 1820    7th Hussars 1825    7th Hussars 1842   

3rd Kings Own Hussars - Full Uniform c 1900    7th hussars 1796 - 1843   


7th Hussars at the Battle of Waterloo

Presentation of the new Guidon 1959     Thomas Brown

7th Queen's Own Hussars - Quatre Bras 1815     Henry Paget, 2nd Earl of Uxbridge and 1st Marquess of Anglesey (1768-1854) c.1809-14    The Sihk War - The Charge of the 3rd (Kings Own) Light Dragoons at the Battle of Sobraon 1846

3rd kings own hussars 1890    3rd light dragoons 1857   3rd kings own light dragoons 1854   3rd hussars 1828

 7th hussars 1811     7th hussars 1815    Cornet Robert Doyne, 7th Queens Own Hussars circa 1825     7th hussars 1823

7th hussars 1827    7th hussars 1828    7th hussars 1840 marching order

 7th - queen's own - hussars charging 1878     3rd the king's own hussars in india 1899

 3rd the king's own hussars 1890    7th hussars 1840   7th hussars 1875

 7th hussars 1845    7th hussars 1846    7th hussars waterloo 1815

 7th hussars 1884 - 1890    7th hussars 1886   7th hussars officer 1825

 7th hussars 1890 - 1900    7th hussars review order

7th queens own hussars 1877  7th queens own hussars 1890   7th hussars piquet  col kerrison 7th queens own hussars 1804

 british uniforms circa 1820-1830    charge of the 7th hussars - waterloo    the third king's own 1910

 british 7th, 10th and 15th hussar uniforms circa 1800   7th queens own hussars 1817   7th queens own hussars 1811

 7th queens own hussars -l.  bandmaster of the 7th queen's own hussars 1827  blands-kings-own 

 The Hussars    Henry Paget, 2nd Earl of Uxbridge and 1st Marquess of Anglesey (1768-1854) c. 1814

major annesley arthur cotton 7th queen's own hussars c.irca 1836    the queen consort's regiment of dragoons in 1685   7th queens own hussars 1809

 3rd-kings-own    the 7th (queen's own hussars)    7th light dragoons    trooper 7th queen's own hussars

3rd (Kings Own) Light Dragoons Headress 1816           3rd (Kings Own) Light Dragoons    

7th (Queens Own) Hussars Headress 1807           7th (Queens Own) Light Dragoons   

7th (Queens Own) Hussars Headress 1815            7th (Queens Own) Light Dragoons      

Sergeant 3rd (The Kings Own) Hussars c1960Rear of Card Trooper 7th (The Queen's Own) Hussars c1960Rear of Card


7th Hussars Drum Horse    3rd Hussars Busby 1808    7th Hussars Busby 1808


3rd Hussars Sabretache c1891                 3rdh Hussars Sabretache c1817         7th Hussars Sabretache c1815      

   7th Hussars Sabretache c1830           7th Hussars Sabretache c1805               Captured French Sabretache - QOH Museum






3rd Hussars        7th Hussars      3rd Hussars    3rd KO Hussars  3rd-kings-dragoonsmoodkee



third-kings-charge-moodkee560    captain-unett_chilianwallah

 3rd Hussars Certificate of Service       7th Hussars Certificate of Service

 QOH Certificate of Service   QOH Regimental Sports Colours  


 Officer, 7th (The Queen's Own) Regiment of Light Dragoons - 1793   uniform of cornet robert doyne c1825

  Cornet G. Porter 7th Hussars c. 1864   Melchior Maire 7H 1809 


Locomotive Nameplate 'The Queen's Own Hussars'   






   The Queen's Own Hussars    3rd Hussars    7th Hussars         7th Dragoons Badge              

7th Light Dragoons 1794 7th Dragoons 1800  

        3rd hussars col howard vyse

    7th Dragoons 7th Dragoons   



3rd Drum Horse      7th Drum Horse


Peninsular on Parade at Catterick   





7th queens-own-hussars-berlin-comet 1960's    7th Hussars Comet - Hong Kong 1950's    7th Hussars Honey Tank - Burma 1942





 7th hussars band 1857

3rd hussars band 1880 colchester

3rd hussars band colchester 1880

7th hussars band1853




7th Hussar Uniforms 1815        

 Light Cavalry Sabre 1796   Cavalry Officers Sword 1822    

Cavalry Officer's Presentation Sabre 1800       

 Cavalry Sword 1796 Pattern   

Private 7th Dragoons 1742    Private 7th Dragoons 1760    Officers - 3rd Light dragoons circa 1828        

7th (Queens Own) Light Dragoons   Officer 7th (Queens Own) Hussars c1841        

  3rd Light Dragoons Uniform     Officer 7th (Queens Own) Hussars c1842   

  3rd Kings Own Hussars 1846         3rd Hussars Officers Shako c1840         7th Hussars Tunic c1815


3rd Hussars Stable Duty 1895           British Cavalry Saddle 1873 - 1883              



3rd The Kings Own Hussars Badge        7th The Queens Own Hussars Badge    7th Hussars Hyderabad 1895    wfa wooacott



7H Cornet Samuel Russell    7H Officer 1770         7th Hussars Officers 1897   

 7th Dragoons 1751    7th Dragoons 1751  "Boots & Saddles" Trooper - 7th Hussars 1812

7th Dragoons Martini Henry Carbine 1871    

                         edward blaskett 3rd hussars 1805

7th Hussar Officer    7th Hussars 1805    7th Hussars 1808    7th Light Dragoons?

7th Hussars Henry William Paget, 1st Marquis of Anglesey c 1801     7th Hussars      7th Hussars Charge at Waterloo

 3rd The Kings Own Hussars Postcard    7th The Queens Own Hussars Postcard

7th Hussars 1825    7th Hussars 1835     7th Hussars Shako 1835    7th Hussars 1839

7th Hussars 1850    7th Hussars 1858     7th Hussars 1901   

7th Hussars Snco's 1866    

 7th Hussars Officers 1866   

7th Hussars 1875    7th Hussars 1880

    Captain 3rd The Kings Own Hussars c1900  Capt HRJ Willis 3rd The Kings Own Hussars 1896 

   Drum Horse 3rd Hussars 1896         

 3rd The Kings Own Hussars Cap Badge       7th Kings Own Hussars Cap Badge    7th Hussars   

3rd The Kings Own Hussars    3rd The Kings Own Hussars    3rd The Kings Own Hussars

    3rd The Kings Own Hussars           




 Trooper 7th Queen's Own Hussars c1899                "Gloria" - Pride of The Hussars


 3rd The Kings Own Hussras Crest

3rd The Kings Own Hussars Cap badge

AEC Mk1 Armoured Car      Daimler Mk1 Armoured Car

Humber Mk1 Armoured Car    Staghound Armoured Car


El Alamein Museum    El Alamein Museum    3rd The Kings Own Hussars

King George 2nd - Dettingen      Calvalry Regiments c 1860

  The Queen's Own Hussars    The Queen's Royal Hussars   

 Lord Leycester Hospital Building    Cavalry Sword of 1853


Peninsula Model    Trooper 3rd Hussars 1860 Model




  HMS Naiad             F30 HMS Naiad  

 F30 HMS Naiad


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