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Last Modified:   04 April, 2017

Regimental Association Web Site

The Queen's Royal Hussars (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish)


The Regimental Association

The Queen's Royal Hussars Regimental Association exists to offer support to all former serving members. This may be a simple gathering where former Hussars can meet and enjoy each others company, and nurture the bonds of friendship that were formed during their service with the Regiment. The Association can however offer a far deeper degree of support reintroducing long lost friends, or offering financial support to those who may have fallen on hard times.

If you were a member of, or served on attachment with, the 3rd The Kings Own Hussars,  4th (Queen’s Own) Hussars, 7th (Queen's Own) Hussars,  8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, The Queen's Own Hussars or The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars and wish to join The Regimental Association, contact the Regimental Secretary for a Registration Form:

The Regimental Secretary,
Home Headquarters,
The Queen's Royal Hussars (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish),
Regents Park Barracks,
Albany Street,
NW1 4AL.

Tel: 020 7756 2273

 Regimental Secretary     


Please be aware that if a member of the Regimental Association does not register with Home Headquarters we do not have any details for them. We are not automatically issued with member’s record of service on their retirement from the colours. We could not possibly hold them all, nor are we allowed to.


All ‘soldiers’ who are serving in the Queen’s Royal Hussars or who served in any of the antecedent regiments are members of the Queen’s Royal Hussars Association by right, but to receive information from the Association they need to ‘register’ with Home Headquarters, which is cost free, by filling in a simple one page proforma available from Home Headquarters, or click the button right to display a copy then Print & Post:      Registration Form





Dear Association Members,

To receive your newsletters by e mail, will be much appreciated and will save the Association a lot of hard earned funds!!

For those of you who were not members of my e mail list before taking advantage of this please see below a copy of the original e mail list I sent out some time ago. It will enable you to get even more info from HHQ,

I would like to sort you all out into lists so I can get relevant information out to you by this system. I will send out general messages to everyone but when it comes to Death Notices etc I am sure you will not want your computer clogged up with information that is not really of interest to you. We have the following 'contact lists'.

List 1. 3rd Hussars

List 2. 7th Hussars

List 3. Queens Own Hussars. ( inc LAD )

List 4. 3rd, 7th, and QOH. ( inc LAD )

List 5. 4th Hussars

List 6. 8th Hussars

List 7. Queens Royal Irish Hussars ( inc LAD )

List 8. 4th, 8th, and QRIH. ( inc LAD )

List 9. Queens Royal Hussars ( inc LAD )

List 10. All news

List 11 Troop Secretaries

List 12 Trustees.

List 13 All deaths

List 17 E Newsletters

Please remember if you do change your e mail address to let me know.


With best regards and thanks,

Jim Austin   Contact

Download the Regimental Association Newsletter.

Spring 2014 Newsletter  Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Spring 2015 Newsletter    Autumn 2015 Newsletter

Spring 2016 Newsletter    Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Spring 2017 Newsletter

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The complete set of Regimental Journals of The Queen's Own Hussars is available on DVD Rom, current cost is £35.00,  contact the Regimental Secretary at HHQ.  The Regimental Secretary is always looking for unwanted Journals to make up a complete set as a reference aid,  any donations made would be most welcome.


There are a number of Association Troops spread around Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Germany. Although the Association is co-ordinated by Home Headquarters in London the geographical spread of the Troops helps to ensure that you are never far away from the Regiment. Though there are annual Association and Regimental reunions, each Troop relies on the efforts of their own committee and members to maintain a busy and involved social life. There are regular functions and meetings, and all former serving members of the Regiment are encouraged to make the most of all the benefits that can be enjoyed by membership of a Troop.




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